Considerations While Wrapping up the 2019 EBP Audit Filings:

As plan sponsors are wrapping up their employee benefit plan filings and finalizing plan audits with their independent auditors, there are some things that should be considered related to subsequent event disclosures:

  • Did the plan sponsor encounter significant layoffs, terminations, etc. that may result in a partial plan termination?
  • Has there been a change in the financial status of the Company that may affect the ability of the Plan to continue as a going concern?
  • Has the Plan implemented changes related to the CARES Act or Secure Act? If yes, have participants been utilizing these new features?
  • Have there been decisions to freeze or terminate the Plan? Decisions to merge the Plan with another Plan?
  • Have there any significant amendments to the Plan that may require disclosure? For example, cessation of the employer matching contributions?

The 2019 Form 5500 filings for calendar year plans is just about 5 weeks away! As of this time, there has been no extension announced for the Form 5500 deadlines. This is a great time to have these conversations with your audit team to ensure any additional testing and disclosure is appropriately addressed.

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